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AVK Alumni Association (R)
In the year 2021-2022, Rs 2,15,166.30 was donated to the institution to purchase a few materials required for installing a rainwater harvesting unit.

In the years 2021–22, Rs 70,000 was contributed to the institution to pay for the skill development programme and three months of vocational training for 26 students who were economically backward. The training was conducted in the institution in collaboration with TeragonEdtech Private Limited, Hassan, which is meant for vocational training and placement. Nationally recognised certificates were issued to the students, and some of the students got placements in the IT sector.

Our Mission

1. To recognise the special talents of the student and encourage them to be constructive in curricular and extracurricular activities.
2. Alumni should always be in contact with the college.
3. To encourage new and old students, talks should be arranged by experts and the alumni association.
4. The Alumni Association recognises inner potential in students and helps them develop their talents.
5. To honour the alumni who have achieved better positions in society.
6. Arrange get-togethers and meetings time and again to exchange views regarding the college.
7. Improve talented students.
8. Working committee:
   • President
   • Treasurer/Convenor
   • Secretary
   • Joint Secretary
9. Membership:
All the students who studied at A.V.K. College can be members.
10. Fees: A.V.K. students who have studied should pay a certain fee, which
may vary from year to year.
11. Financial matter: the membership amount is deposited in a nearby bank and operated jointly by the principal and treasurer of the association.
The amount should be used for the activities of the association. As many meetings can be held every year, including as many alumni as possible.
12. Whenever urgent decisions should be taken, A meeting of some of the alumni can be conducted, and the convenor can take the decision.
Duties of the Association:
     1. To collect money from the alumni.
     2. Open the bank account.
     3. To see expenditures.
     4. To make programmes useful to the college and the association.
     5. The association can call a meeting every month if necessary for special meetings.

Our objectives

A.V.K. College Alumni Association objectives are:

1) To be a vital partner in the success of the institution through the significant engagement of alumni.

2) To all present and future alumni spread in every part of the world, to aspire and promote self-pride achievements, and to collaborate with the institution to bring about change in terms of academic, cultural, and professional excellence.

3) To offer programmes that foster campus traditions and perpetuate a passion for fe-long i involvement with the institution.

A.V.K Alumni Association

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